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July 2022 Update!

Enhertu has already been approved for HER2 positive MBC patients who relapsed on prior treatment, and is being assessed for HER2 low patients.

HR+, HER2- and TNBC patients have either HER2 low expression (HER2 +1 or HER2 +2) or no HER2 expression (HER2 0).

The randomized DESTINY-Breast04 trial analyzed the efficacy and safety of Enhertu compared with chemotherapy in patients with HR+ HER2-low MBC, and also in TNBC patients with HER2 low disease. The patients were previously treated with 1 or 2 lines of chemotherapy.

The investigators observed a median Progression Free Survival 10.1 months in HR+, HER2 low patients taking Enhertu versus 5.4 months for those taking chemotherapy, and the median Overall Survival was 23.9 months in the Enhertu group compared with 17.5 months in patients taking chemotherapy.

For TNBC patients with HER2 low disease, the median progression-free survival was 8.5 months in the Enhertu arm and 2.9 months in the chemo arm and the median overall survival more than doubled to 18.2 months with Enhertu vs. chemotherapy.

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