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"I've been living with metastatic breast cancer since 1998. This is the best book on the subject of MBC I've found. The author, Anne Loeser, has been accumulating information contained in this book for years and years. She has kept this up to date electronically and has sent out electronic versions for free to those requesting the information. This has been purely voluntary on her part. I'm happy that she's finally published this in book form. It will be fabulous to take with me on trips to my oncologist and to scientific conferences where treatments I'm not familiar with are discussed. Thank you so much, Anne, for the work you continue to do for the breast cancer community."  Sandra

"I am a physician and while not an oncologist, I must comment on this extraordinary patient education book. Not only is it written so that it can be understood by non-medical or science folks, it will help any patient or family member discuss the disease in a more informative and educated way. I have told medical students that they should read it and one student reported back that the senior physician read the book and also found it accurate and very informative. I would also add that Anne Loeser the author shows her compassion and empathy as well as her sharp brain at work. Get it and you will calm down from the overwhelming fear that can encompass a patient without good knowledge." Momne

"I have been living with metastatic breast cancer for 8 years. I’m a well educated, well informed patient. I could not believe how well written and helpful this book is. It’s a wonderful resource for educating yourself and providing you with a framework to ask questions of your medical care team. MBC is a complex disease. This book provides as much information as needed concerning each of the subtypes and which treatment would be appropriate to discuss with your care team. I highly recommend!"  Judy

"It is always amazing when someone who is not a health professional is able to comprehensively summarize a complex subject for the lay reader in a clear and concise way. I have reviewed many books on breast cancer, and for this particular type of Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer there is no clearer or more informative book on the market."  Katherine

"I read this because so many of my friends with metastatic breast cancer recommended it. I thought it was excellent and it is a must-have resource for anyone with metastatic breast cancer and/or their caregivers. I have been living with triple negative MBC for over 5 years and I've gone through a lot of different cytotoxic chemotherapy treatments plus 6 clinical trials. I am a well-informed patient and I do a lot of research and I'm active in steering my treatment decisions. Over the years I have found that most oncologists practice a patient-centered shared decision-making model so it's important for patients to be well informed. This book is one of my go-to resources, very well written and helpful. Definitely highly recommend it as a great resource to have."   Paul

"Anne has spent years tirelessly researching metastatic breast cancer to produce this 'must have' resource. It is comprehensive, yet accessible, for people without a medical background. The 'reference-style' structure of the content allows the reader to dip into the sections that are relevant to their diagnosis without having to read the whole book. All of Anne's recommendations are based on robust evidence, academic publications and clinical studies. I strongly recommend anyone with metastatic breast cancer to buy this book so that you can feel confident in making decisions about your healthcare choices." Catherine

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